August 23, 1907

Not by Choice John Selby Must Turn
Globe Trotter.

As much as John Selby dislikes to travel it is his move again. About a month ago he was fined $50 in police court and given a stay conditioned upon his leaving town. Yesterday morning he landed in Kansas City at 3 o'clock and in fifteen minutes Patrolman J. W. Bailey who had been his Nemesis before, had him in line. In police court he told Judge Kyle of his travels during the last month and added:

"But of all the spots on earth give me dear old K. C., the gateway to the West. She is the place for me."

"Not for long, John, I am sorry to state," replied the court. "Travel some more and don't come back until you have circumvented the globe. In that time there may be a new police judge on the bench, new policemen on these North end beats and no one will know you. It's best."

He sullenly acquiesced, bowed to the inevitable and the judge and left.