August 27, 1907

Silver Tube in Throat Became Dis-
placed During a Fight.

In a fight with a street car conductor near Fifth street and Broadway yesterday afternoon, a silver tube in the throat of Antonio Habto, through which he breathed, was pushed out of place, and only through prompt surgical attention the man was saved from asphyxiation. Rabto is a barber, 67 years old, and lives at 1307 West Ninth street. He boarded a westbound Fifth street car and tendered the conductor a transfer not good on that line. An argument followed. Rabto claims that the conductor then choked him, and that the tube in his throat was pushed inward and to one side, causing it to become clogged up in such a manner as to almost entirely cut off his breathing. A police ambulance was summoned, and Dr. J. Park Neal, an ambulance surgeon, administered treatment while tha man was being removed to the emergency hospital At the hospital the tube was properly replaced.