August 29, 1907

Negro Who Believes Some One Seeks
His Life.

"Sonny" Harris, a negro North end character, believed last night that he was followed by a crowd of men who threatened his life. He starled the populace about Third and Main streets by running madly along the thoroughfare and screaming for someone to protect him. Jack Julian and B. C. Sanderson, plain clothes officers, later found the negro crouched behind a billboard in an alley near Third and Delaware streets. He had a rock in his hand and was directing dire threats toward an imaginary man in the alley. The policemen seized him and after inducing him to throw away the rock took him to police headquarters. When the trio reached the front of the station door the negro turned to the officers and asked if they saw a man shoot at him three times as they were crossing the street.

Harris, while recently in a similar frame of mind, ran all the way from Sheffield to police headquarters and there collapsed. He then imagined he was being pursued by assassins.