August 29, 1907

Middle West Newspapers Quoting L.
M. Jones' Timely Address.

All the leading newspapers of the Middle West are complying with the publicity department of the National Rivers and Harbors Congress to publish extracts furnished them from the speech delivered by Lawrence M. Jones, of this city, president of the Missouri Valley River Improvement Association. Particular attention is called to a somewhat humorous and yet serious portion, in which Mr. Jones said:

"We are told that some of our Eastern friends are opposed to improving the Western waterways. We are not yet prepared to believe that. We have a warm feeling for the East. We remember, in the times of the drought in the West, you sent us your old clothes to wear. We remember when you loaned us money at healthy rates of interest -- when we had good collateral to offer. We wish to inform you that we are now wearing tailored clothes and are buying your paper in the West -- when you offer us attractive rates of interest and the proper amount of collateral. We have always paid willingly for the improvement of your rivers and harbors. But the time has come when we are asking taht the great internal waterways -- that is, the great rivers of the West --have some attention from the government, and we ask you of the east to take as liveral a view of the question as the West did when you desired the govermnet to improve your rivers and your harbors."