August 7, 1907

Favorable Report Will Be Made on
the Old Westport Road Route.

The committee, consisting of Councilmen Pitt, Marqua and Heiff, of Independence, will make a report to the council in that city tonight relative to a boulevard between Independence and Kansas City. The old Westport road will be reported upon favorably. The proposition will be that Independence look after its end of the line, Kansas City residents after theirs and the county court to take care of the intermediate territory. The county court has been approached upon the matter, but would give no encouragement until something tangible in the way of surveys have been made. Ther present plan is to make the boulevard eighty feet wide, with parkways, and intersect the proposed Blue Ridge road. The route as suggested is unimproved and would cost considerable to bring about that state of perfection which would be inviting as a mere pleasure drive. Most of the route is broken and uneven, but Mayor Prewitt believes that property owners along the way would relinquish right of way and lend financial aid as well.