August 9, 1907

Escaped Inmate of Asylum Spent
Time on the River Bank.

Those who wandered down to the Missouri river bank near the foot of everett avenue, Kansas City, Kas., during the past two weks have noticed a lean, dark little man, shabbily dressed, who, armed with a pole and line, fished in a bayou beneath the tall willows there with remarkable success. He said little when approached and appeared perfectly rational. Indeed there was nothing at all in his attitude to suggest the fact that only a fortnight ago he was safely shut up in the state asylum for the insane at Osawatomie.

Yesterday morning two little girls walking near the river bank noticed the strange man eating a raw fish beneath the willows and reported the occurrence to their father, who in turn called up the police station. Two patrolmen were sent down at once. They found the man to be a Mexican named Edward Douglas. Up to two weeks ago Douglas was a regualr inmate of the Osawatomie asylum and classed harmless but incurable. He will be returned to the asylum sometime today.