August 9, 1907

Bruises Received in Making Arrest
Indirectly the Cause.

M. C. McKee, a police officer, died yesterday of blood poisoning at Agnew hospital. He had been unconcsious for a week.

McKee received a broken nose and a severe bruise on the back of the head July 4 in a fall from a transfer wagon at the wharf at Second street and Broadway.

From his station at the Grand Central depot he was sent to stop a fight between teamsters. It was from the wagon of J. H. Hickman, a driver for the Empire Transfer Company, that he fell. His foot slipped from the wheel. Hickman is said to have jumped from the wagon and to have beaten and kicked the officer.

In police court the next morning McKee pleaded for leniency in behalf of the driver, saying he had a wife and family to support.

McKee after a two-day lay off went back to work, but collapsed after two weeks. For the last week he lay unconscious at his home, 653 Park avenue, and was removed
Wednesday to the hospital.

Coroner Thompson said last night that he will hold an inquest. Prosecutor Kimbrell will not file any information against Hickman until after the inquest. It is said that Hickman has left the city.

McKee had been on the force for four years.