August 9, 1907

Remarkable Devotion of Railroad
Employe for Pet Fowls.

Lovers of animals are common, but for extreme cases a story as told by Patrolman Joseph Dolan of a man who took his chickens to work with him probably heads the list. According to the officer, an employe in the Kansas City Southern railroad yards has a dozen blooded chickens. He works at night, and each evening before starting to work he goes into his chicken yard, calles each hen and the one rooster by name and one by one they climb into a obx he stes on the ground. The box is then placed in a cart and with a small black pony a slow drive to the railroad yards is made.

At the railroad yards the chickens are liberated, and they scratch and pic up grains of ceral that fall from the grain cars. When it begins to grow dark they all return to the cart, on which they roost until morning. At the break of dawn each day they begin to stir. breakfast is foraged, and on the return trip of the owner, the chickens and the pony follow.