August 9, 1907

Park Board Decides on Fourteen
Acres in North End.

At a special meeting of the board of park commissioner yesterday afternoon a resolution was unanimously adopted asking the council to proceed to have fourteen acres of ground condemned for a North end playground. The site runs from Troost to half a block beyond Forest and from First to Fifth streets. This tract is divided by a small bluff. The intention of the park board is really to make of the site two playgrounds, one for negro children and the other for whites. There will be two sets of apparatus, two instructors and two sets of custodians. The district from which the playground is to drraw is inhabited by whites and negroes.

The site agreed upon for the playground is to be known as Guinotte square, having on it the old Guinotte homestead. It is expected to cost about $120,000. For only eight acres of ground two blocks further south, which had previously been thought of, the estimated cost was put at $200,000.