LIE PASSED IN COURT. ~ Then Frank Lowe Apologized to Police Judge Kyle.

September 21, 1907

Then Frank Lowe Apologized to Po-
lice Judge Kyle.

The cases of Mrs. Carrie Perkins and Charles Walker, proprietors of "hotels" on Twelfth street to which the school board makes objection, were called in police court yesterday after many continuances. Frank M. Lowe, an attorney, asked for another continuance on the grounds that the complaint had just been made out and that previous to that he had never known what charge to meet.

"Continuances have been granted to a member of your law firm," said John Swenson, city attorney, "and you should be familiar with the charge."

"If you say that I am, you are an infernal liar," roared Lowe.

The attorney received no reprimand from the court until after another continuance had been granted and Swenson asked Judge Kyle if the dignity of the court could be upheld. Then Lowe apologized meekly.

"You mustn't say that any more -- talk that way, I mean," was the scathing rebuke Lowe received from the court.