TOLD TROUBLE BY SIGNS. ~ Lizzie Hatcher, a Mute, Given a Divorce for Infelicity.

September 21, 1907

Lizzie Hatcher, a Mute, Given a Di-
vorce for Infelicity.

The wheels of justice were stopped yesterday in Judge Powell's Independence division of the circuit court for a time. Lizzie Hatcher, a mute, sued Edwin Hatcher, her husband, for divorce. Neither of them being able to talk, an interpreter was secured, but the interpreter could not do justice to the sign language when Mrs. Hatcher commenced to tell her troubles. The stenographer grew worried and finally the whole business was stopped until one more expert in sign language could be secured.

The little son of Mrs. Hatcher was made interpreter and then fingers flew and expressive features told the story of domestic infelicity. The result was Mrs. Hatcher was given a divorce and the defendant was told to pay $8 each moth at a stated time.

Other divorces granted were: Emma Goldsby from John E. Goldsby; John A. McCollough from Althea McCollough; Albert E. Hill from Nora Hill; Etta C. Dunkel from George W. Dunkel.