SAYS SHE WAS KIDNAPED ~ Chicago Woman Appeals to Police to Locate Her Father.

September 12, 1907

Chicago Woman Appeals to Police to
Locate Her Father.

Ida Mahoney, 6949 May street, Chicago, has written to Daniel Ahern, chief of police, asking for assistance in finding her father, from whom she says she was kidnaped twenty-four years ago by her uncle, a Frenchman. Her father was Irish, and that was the cause of the kidnaping. The letter reads:

Chief of Police -- Dear Sir: Would you please help me to find Samuel Mahoney, a painter by trade, who was last seen in Kansas City about fifteen years ago . I was kidnaped from him in Chicago by my uncle and put out to a farmer. I heard he cou ld not find me and left Chicago in despair. I have not seen my father in twenty-four years. I was 10 years old when I last saw him.

Please do all you can for a poor, broken-hearted daughter. In Chicago he was a painter and contractor. My mother died in Indianapolis before we came to Chicago.

My father was Irish, and my uncle was a Frenchman and did not like him. My name is Ida Mahoney, 6249 May street, Chicago, Ill.