September 11, 1907

Movement Afoot to Install More
Street Lamps on Minnesota.
Lighting for Minnesota Avenue.
To make Minnesota avenue, now the main business channel of Kansas City, Kas., a well lighted thoroughfare is the idea of at least a half dozen prominent buisness men of that city. The plan is to install two parallel rows of lights, the posts fifty feet apart, from Fourth street and Minnesota avenue, or from the end of the intercity viaduct, to Tenth street. Each post will carry three large light bulbs, decoratively arranged, to be furnished with gas, and, it is said, should supply enough illumination to make the darkest night day on the avenue.

The promoter of the project is Max Holzmark, a furniture dealer on the avenue. He says his plans are entirely altruistic, and that he will contribute largely to the enterprise.

"I am modeling the lighting after Michigan avenue, Chicago," said mr. Holzmark. "With three lights to a post the illumination ought to make the sun ashamed to come out."

Mr. Holzmark intends that business men shall pay for the installation of the poles and fixtures and leave the expense of operation to the city, a matter of about $15 per pole.