September 2, 1907

Wilson Took the Drug and His Skin
Turned Blue as Indigo.

The conjecture of the emergency hospital that the unknown man found unconsciuos at Eighth and Wyandotte streets was subject to acetanilid poison from headache powders was later found to be correct when he recovered consciousness last night. After almost twenty-four hours of intense suffering, durning part of which time his skin turned as blue as indigo from the poison, the man recovered consciousness long enough to tell his name and the cause of his illness.

His name is given as John Wilson, a brakeman in the employ of the Burlington railroad. His home is in St. Louis, where he has a wife, but he had been in Kansas City several days. He says he had a severe headache Saturday morning, and that he applied to a physician for relief. The doctor gave him some kind of powders, which he swallowed. The next he remembers was regaining consciousness in a ward of the emergency hospital. It was thought by attending physicians last night that a mistake had been made in the presecription given the man, and that he had been allowed to take an overdose of acetanilid.

Mr. Wilson was very faint last night and his recovery is not certain. It was stated at the hospital last night that he had a good chance for recovery.

One hundred and eighty gallons of oxygen, costing $70, was used Saturday night by physicians at the emergency hospital to save the life of Wilson.