September 4, 1907

"Billy" Williams Sent to the General
Hospital for 100 Days.

"I did something this morning I have never done before in my life. I got down on my knees on the hard floor and asked Divine aid to help me quit drinking. I feel better for having done it and think it will help me win the day."

This was the statement made by "Billy" Williams, the old time minstrel, when arraigned in court yestrday. His faithful little wife, carrying a babe in her arms, stood beside him.

"Judge," she said, "I have practically taken care of the family for eight years. No one knows what I have suffered on account of the whisky question. When he broke down and was sick I got up entertainments and worked hard to help along."

The court ordered Williams sent to the general hospital, where he will be confined for 100 days in hope of curing him of the liquor habit.