September 4, 1907

Mother Leaves Estate to Daughter
Whose Marriage Hastened Funeral.

Margaret Delougherty, who was married Monday to John A. Dugan, is the heir to all but $10 of her mother, Catherine Delougherty's estate, according to the will of her mother, which was filed yesterday in the probate court. The $10 is given to Mary Walsh, of Syracuse, N. Y., a sister of Catherine Delougherty. The remainder of the estate is left to Margaret for her use during her life time, and upon her death will go to John Conners, of Syracuse, N. Y., a brother of the deceased.

John A. Dugan, who married Margaret on Monday and was later arrested upon the complaint of E. R. Weeks, president of the Humane Society, was released yesterday morning. The police decline to interfere, and any investigation of the case which is made must come from the probate court.