THIS MAN HAS TROUBLES ~ Married in Missouri on a License Issued in Kansas.

September 6, 1907


Married in Missouri on a License Is-
sued in Kansas.

There is a man and woman somewhere within the confines of Kansas City, Mo., who spent Wednesday night thinking that they were legally husband and wife only to find out yesterday that they were mistaken.

Yesterday, Probate Judge Van B. Prather, of Kansas City, Kas., was called up by phone and asked if a person could get married in Kansas City, Mo., on a license issued in Kansas.

"You positively can not," was the judge's answer.

"Well, I am in a terrible predicament. I've already been married on the one I got from you. It took place last night."

"You had better have the person who performed the ceremony ride over to this side of the line and marry you over."

"Can't do that. We were married by a priest and he can't leave his own parish to perform a marriage ceremony."

Judge Prather then informed the much agitated benedict that he would have to spend $2 more for a Missouri license if he wanted to be married here.