$200 FINE FOR MECCA HOTEL. ~ All but Two of Thirty-six Frequenters Forfeited Their Bonds.

October 1, 1907

All but Two of Thirty-six Frequent-
ers Forfeited Their Bonds.

C. H. Walker, proprietor of the Mecca hotel, Twelfth and Locust streets, was fined $200 in police court yesterday on a charge that he was conducting a disorderly place. The school board had asked that the Mecca and St. Regis "hotels" be not allowed to run within 300 feet of the high school.

Last week the proprietors of both places were arraigned in court and Mrs. Carrie Perkins, proprietress of the St. Regis, was fined $200 by Acting Police Judge Remley, and Walker, of the Mecca, was discharged. The police said they could not get evidence against the place. Saturday night City Attorney John Swenson and his assistant, Fred Coon, watched the Mecca from 8 to 9 p. m. In that time eighteen couples, none of whom had baggage, entered the place. A raid was ordered and it took three trips of the wagon from the Walnut police station to get all prisoners down there.

Only one of the eighteen men arrested appeared in court yesterday. The gave the name of H. C. Lewis and showed on the "hotel" register where he had registered under the name of "A. L. Gibson." He was made a witness for the city and it was mainly upon his testimony that Walker was convicted. Walker gave bond for an appeal of the case to the criminal court. The bonds of all but Lewis and his companion were declared forfeited.