October 1, 1907

"Marshal of the Day" Escapes From
Police Captain Morley.

A man wearing a star bearing the words "Marshal of the Day" went into the rooming house at 1419 Grand avenue last night.

"The police are going to close up all rooming houses," he said, "but for $100 I can fix it so you won't be bothered. For $50 I can arrange to let you stay unmolested until after Carnival week."

Captain Morley, of No. 4 police station, was telephoned to. The latter advised giving the visitor a marked bill, and to hold him until a policeman could arrive.

The woman gave the man a $10 bill numbered 2160940 and in the left hand corner she marked three Xs on it. About the time the negotiations were completed, Captain Morley arrived in person on the scene. He escorted the "Marshal of the Day" down the steps but just as they reached the bottom, the latter jerked away and bolted down the street.

Captain Morley shot at the man several times but none of his bullets took effect.