DIVED, BUT MISSED WATER. ~ Granby Block Roomer Says He Accepted a Challenge

October 25, 1907

Granby Block Roomer Says He Ac-
cepted a Challenge.

"A man bet me I couldn't dive out of that window into the water, and I jumped just to show him I could," was the explanation of Frank Hagars, 33 years old, gave the police last night for jumping out of a second story window in the Granby block, Third and Grand avenue, yesterday afternoon. He was being held for observation at the police statio following his jump and an attempt to make a second one.

"It was this way," he continued; "the man came up and be he could beat me diving, and I told him I'd bet he couldn't. Then he bet me I would not dare to dive out of the second story window. The first jump, I missed the water, nd, just as I was going to try again, the policeman got me."

Policeman Patrick Boyle saw Hagars leap and caught him as he staggered to his feet and started to climb the stairs to repeat the act.

At the emergency hospital, where his injuries were dressed, it was thought that he was either mentally unbalanced or under the influence of some drug.