LEO SHULFER ARRIVES. ~ Husband of Woman Shot by Son Calls on Police.

October 19, 1907

Husband of Woman Shot by Son Calls
on Police.

Leo Shulfer, husband of Mrs. Elizabeth Shulfer, who was shot and killed by her son, George Smiley, early Tuesday morning, appeared at police headquarters at 6 o'clock yesterday evening. Shulfer had been drinking. He evidently intended to convey to Captain Whitsett, who questioned him, that he had not heard of the tragedy until Wednesday night, when friends in Minneapolis, where he worked as a furrier, read of the killing in the papers and told him about it. Shulfer was not sure when he left Minneapolis for Kansas City, but said he had just arrived.

His visit at the police station was to learn where his wife's body was and where he could see her son. Shulfer asserted that he and his wife corresponded as late as two weeks ago, when he sent her $15. He said that she was at that time considering going to live with him in Minneapolis, where he has a $25 a week position.

Shulfer denied that he and his wife had had serious troubles or that he had forced his way into the house at night through a window last summer when he returned from the North.

He said that George Smiley, his step-son, was strong willed and rash, and seemed to want his mother's money.

At the police station Shulfer was persuaded not to go to the morgue last night to see his wife's body, and was allowed to go to a saloon on East Twelfth street run by Otto Weber, a friend of his, to spend the night.

The stepson, George Smiley, who fired the fatal shot, is staying at the home of a cousin, Louis A. Klein, near Thirty-first street and Myrtle avenue. Shulfer did not go to see him last night.