HE WAS AU FAIT, BUT DE TROP. ~ So Somebody Stuck a Knife in McDonald at a Dance.

December 25, 1907

So Somebody Stuck a Knife in Mc-
Donald at a Dance.

Machinists' apprentices were dancing downstairs and members of the Au Fait Club upstairs at Colonial hall, Eighth and Oak streets, last night. Some way the two crusts of society lapped over about midnight and a row resulted. In the noisy bustle which ensued the upper crust was about to be broken when someone came downstairs with a billiard cue.

Roy McGee, a member of the apprentice floor committee, wore a badge that looked like the banner of the horse shoer's union in a labor day parade. He was a fair mark and he got it, right on the top of the head.

Another apprentice, resenting this ungentlemanly breach of journeyman machinists' rules governing the settlement of personal differences at Christmas balls, jerked a knife from his small change receptacle and jabbed it into the shoulder of George McDonald, who was, and unquestionable is, au fait, but on this occasion, in spite of his accomplishments, de trop.

Interference of disengaged members of the two clubs prevented further hostilities, and the police came. McGee, Joseph Russell and McDonald were taken to Central police station, where McDonald's wound was dressed in the emergency hospital. His hurt is not serious. Russell and McGee were held for trial in police court.