MAY TELL WHO WEARS WIGS. ~ Human Hair Workers Threaten to Strike and Reveal Secrets.

December 30, 1907

Human Hair Workers Threaten to
Strike and Reveal Secrets.

From New York comes the startling intelligence to wigwearers that the Human Hair Workers' union is threatening to call a strike. What is worse, they say that if the strike is called, the human hair workers all over the country will appeal to bald heads for contributions to the strike fun on pain of exposure. That is, they say they will demand money for keeping quiet the fact that Mr. Smooth Head does not wear hair endowed him by nature.

"Ha!" said J. E. Vincent, a dealer in wigs. "It won't affect us at all. You see, we don't have a union organization of wigworkers in Kansas City and then -- well, did you know that the women of Kansas City don't give a continental who knows that they don't wear wigs?"

"How many women wear wigs?" he was asked.

"Better ask me how many don't!" exclaimed Mr. Vincent.

"I tell you there's a mighty small per cent of the women in Kansas City who don't wear false hair in some form or another. The married men know it, but not one young chap out of a hundred knows that his best girl is wearing a false roll or pompadour as big as a sweet potato under those lovely tresses of hers.

"But it's different with the men. When a man comes in here to buy a wig or something along that line, he acts as if he was about to commit a crime. Not very long ago a man almost scared the life out of the girls in the store. From 10 o'clock in the morning he paced back and forth in front of the store, peering through the windows. Finally I stepped outside and asked him what he wanted. He looked all around to see if anybody was listening and then whispered in my ear, 'I want a wig!'"

"Wouldn't it be an easy matter to get money out of a man like that for keeping his secret?" Mr. Vincent was asked.

"I wouldn't want to be the man to tell him he was wearing a wig," he replied, shrugging his shoulders.