HE LIKED MURDER STORIES. Grant Figs Delighted in the Reading of Crimes of Blood.

January 17, 1908

Grant Figs Delighted in the Reading
of Crimes of Blood.

Ellis Mitchell, a son of Israel Mitchell, at whose house at 2211 Lydia avenue Grant Figgs, confessed murderer of two people, lived for a while before his arrest, was examined by Deputy Prosecutor John W. Hogan yesterday afternoon and his statement was taken in short-hand, transcribed and signed. He repeated his first story, that Figs frequently asked him to read newspaper accounts of murders and other crimes. Figs seemed excited at hearing the details of killings and often sat with his eyes on the door for some time afterwards.

When the officers went to Mitchell's house yesterday they found the entire family hidden in the basement. It was only after repeated knocking that there was a response. The negroes said that they feared some of Figg's friends had come to kill them for telling on him. The police promised to protect them in the future.

Israel Mitchell told Hogan that Figs had a habit of hiding in the basement whenever anyone knocked at the door. Both the Mitchells identified the hammer found in Woodman's store, at 1112 East Eighteenth street as their hammer, which Figs had secured possession of before the murder of Woodman.

Figs was arraigned in Justice Mike Ross's court yesterday afternoon on two murder charges, one for the killing of H. O Woodman at 1112 East Eighteenth street, August 28, 1907, and one for the beating to death of Edward Landman of 1107 East Eighteenth street, on November 25. Figs declined to plead in either case, and the hearing in both was set for Saturday afternoon. James A. Dyer, George Burgman and Deputy Prosecutor Hogan escorted him from the county jail to the justice court and back.

The arraignment was held in the justice court, instead of direct in the criminal court, says John George, clerk of the justice court, because Figs wants all the time possible. Figs has no attorney yet, and no money.

Claude Brooks was taken from the county jail to police headquarters for a few minutes yesterday afternoon, photographed, measured and his fingerprints made. He will be arraigned either in the criminal court or in a justice court this afternoon for the murder of his benefactor, Sid Herndon, at the Navarro flats.