PLAN TO "GINGER UP" ~ Improvement Spreads West; Baseball Club Formed.

January 19, 1908

Improvement Spreads West; Baseball
Club Formed.

Not satisfied with its work in gingering up the 300 block of East Twelfth street, from McGee to Oak streets, the Ginger Club has now decided to begin a campaign to improve all of Twelfth street in the downtown district, hang flaming arc lights on artistic brackets from each trolley pole, and call it "The Great White Way.

The merchants on Eleventh street, from Main to Walnut have an advantage in that they are located on Petticoat Lane, a name that everybody recognizes," said E. J. Richards, president of the Ginger Club yesterday. "We want the women to know that ours is the cleanest block on the city, and the brightest at night."

"Even the negro porters in the block are getting interested. Several of them have been to me today to know what they can do to help. 'We want to do our best,' they said."


Last night the Ginger Club organized a baseball club at the office of the secretary, L. J. Galbert, 309 East Twelfth street, and has issued a challenge to the Kansas City Athletic Club to play a game of indoor baseball on Washington's birthday. The Ginger Club has secured some of the best semi-professional baseball talent in the city, including men from Iowa and Kansas state leagues.