THREE CELEBRATORS SHOT. ~ One on West Twelfth Street and Two in Kansas City, Kas.

January 1, 1908

One on West Twelfth Street and Two
in Kansas City, Kas.

The first victim of the New Year's celebration this morning was Gilbert Cons, a grocery clerk who lives at 800 West Twelfth street. Just at the stroke of 12 Cons and several of his friends went out into their front yard and began firing off pistols. Cons was standing near one of his companions watching him reload a .22-caliber revolver, when in the excitement the pistol was accidentally discharged. The bullet entered Cons's neck just above the Adam's apple. He was taken to the emergency hospital, where he was operated upon by Dr. John Hynds. The bullet missed the young man's jugular vein by only a hair's breadth, lodging in the throat about two inches under the skin. Dr. Hynds said that the would would not prove fatal.

Kansas City, Kas., celebrators ushered in the New Year with firearms loaded with leaden bullets. This fact caused two accidents, one of which may mean the amputation of the right leg of E. E. Leffel, 8 Central avenue. Leffel was standing on the street in front of his home when he was struck by a bullet which entered his thigh and passed down his leg to the ankle. The bullet was removed at No. 2 police station. It was discharged from a rifle, and was of .44-caliber.

J. W. Greer, 89 North Eighth street, was struck in the right ankle by a bullet of the same caliber and, it is thought, from the same gun which fired the bullet that wounded Leffel. Greer was standing in his doorway listening to the noise which ushered 1908 into existence. He was also treated at No. 2 police station.