VALUABLE MAN FOR THE ARMY. ~ Might Enlist if They'd Go to Silver Lake and See Him.

January 24, 1908

Might Enlist if They'd Go to Silver
Lake and See Him.

"Talking about peculiar letters," siad a corporal in the army recruiting station yesterday, "Here are two which we got this morning. Did you ever see anything so funny?"
Dear Recruiting Man: I see that you want to get some new fellows to
join the army and thought that I would write to tell you that if you needed me
you could run out here to Silver Lake and talk to me about it. Maybe I
would join.

The letter was signed, Robert Frankle, Silver Lake, Kas.

"Here's the other letter, I'll read it to you," continued the corporal.
Dear Gentlemen: Another boy and I have been reading the papers every
day and we have thought it over and if him or I had any thing to do with the war
we said that we would have Germany to come over here and fight on land and let
the U. S. fight on water. Because I don't think that America could hold
her place because the Japs are pretty good on water and I think that they are on
land two. But I don't think that they could last very long with U. S.
Because they have just had a fight with Russia and I thought that they had lost
an enormous amount of men. If Germany would come over here and help
America and if they brought their balloons with them we thought that there would
not be many Japs left for America to lick. Well I think that they ought to
be run off the world. And somebody ought to rub their name off the
map. If the U. S. do have War I hope them (Seccess). Answer and tell
us if we have the right idea. Very truly yours, Harold J. Meyer, Armours
Packing co.

"How's that for patriotism, eh?"