JEALOUS RIVAL STABBED HIM. ~ Matt Rech Suffers Because Girl Refuses to Wed Another Man.

February 7, 1908

Matt Rech Suffers Because Girl Re-
fuses to Wed Another Man.

Lola Ealy's refusal yesterday morning to marry Clyde Duncan, a boarder whom she had known only three weeks, resulted in the stabbing of Matt Rech, another boarder, last evening at 6 o'clock. The affair was at Mrs. Elizabeth Ealy's boarding house, 802 East Fourteenth street. After her refusal the girl said Duncan threatened to kill her. Then the mother ordered him to move from the house, which he did. But at supper time he entered the dining room, where Rech, of whom he was supposed to be jealous, was seated at the table. Duncan says he had been drinking heavily. He had an open knife in his hand and made for Rech, whose back was turned. Mrs. Ealy, hoping to save a life, raised a chair and struck Duncan over the head just as he reached around Rech and plunged in the knife over the victim's heart.

Rech was taken to McCall's sanitarium with a wound that it was said late last night would probably prove fatal. Drs. E. L. Rubel and H. B. McCall attended him.

Duncan was arrested at 11 o'clock and spent the night at No. 4 police station. He said he had been very drunk and had no clear recollection of the affair. Rech is a cable man for the Home Telephone Company and Duncan is a laborer.