TRIPLET CARDS IN BIG DEMAND. Supply at Jones's Soon Exhausted, but More are Coming.

February 2, 1908

Supply at Jones's Soon Exhausted, but
More are Coming.

The postcards containing the picture of the Curry triplets which were placed on sale at the Jones dry goods store yesterday sold like hot cakes at a country fair. Only a small consignment of the cards were delivered at the store, owing to the inability of Miss Tillie Thornbrue, the young woman who conceived the idea of raising money for the curry family the sale of the cards, to print enough of the pictures to supply the demand. There was a constant call for the cards at the store all day and the limited supply furnished by Miss Thronbrue was quickly exhausted.

All those who made application yesterday for the cards and could not be accommodated were informed that an additional supply would be ready for sale Monday morning. Miss Thornbrue stated yesterday afternoon that she would be able to furnish at least 2,000 of the cards early tomorrow morning and that she had made arrangements to print them fast enough to keep the postcard counter at Jones's supplied in the future.

The proceeds from the sale of the postcards, with the exception of the cost of their production, is to be given to the support of the Curry family. The Jones Dry Goods company has consented to handle the sale without any compensation whatever.

The babies are still being cared for at the Curry home by Miss Bertha Curry, their 17-year-old sister, and a trained nurse. They appear to be in the best of health and are gaining in weight rapidly. They have been fed from bottles from the time of their birth, December 22. The mother, who died last Tuesday night, had only seen the triplets two or three times.

Mr. Curry and his eldest daughter, Bertha, who has the care of the babies, refuse to listen to any proposition to turn the triplets over to some charitable institution for care, but insist that they will see to their welfare at home. The people living in the vicinity of the Curry home are rendering all assistance possible.