BISHOP HOGAN IS RECOVERING. ~ Aged Prelate Has Been Near Death From Pneumonia.

February 2, 1908

Aged Prelate Has Been Near Death
From Pneumonia.

After having been reported as indisposed, but really near the point of death, Bishop Hogan is recovering reapidly from an attack of pneumonia. Two weeks ago he was down town and, meeting David R. Francis in the ofice of a mutual acquaintance, the aged prelate unmindfully sat with his overcoat on in the heated room, catching cold on his way home. Prostration followed and last Tuesday Bishop Lillis was brought over from his diocese on the other side of the line to annoint the Kansas City bishop for death. Prayers were said for a happy death. Yesterday one of the household laughed merrily.

"Now it is all we can do to keep the good old bishop in his bed," was said. "He insists on getting up, saying he is well."

One of Bishop Hogan's pet theories is that of "greater circle sailing." This is one of the most difficult of mathmatical calculations, used in the higher branches of the navy. He invariably follows the movement of the American fleet when on long voyages. Contrary to what would appear to be the short way, a voyage of straight lines by Admiral Evans's fleet would be longer than to make the voyage in semi-circles. Practical proof of this can be got by manipulating a thread across teh side of an orange between two points. Navigating officers all have to study this out in order to know how to make short cuts across the open sea.

"The bishop," said a clergyman yesterday, "has got over getting ready to die and he wants to get at his maps again."

In his younger days the bishop used to tell with glee how he came to be a mathmetician of high order. He comes of an aristocratic family and from early days had his private tutor. Most of the tutor's time was in trying to keep him out of mischief and at his books. Finding that the youngster liked figtures, the tutor went into the science of "greater circle sailing," which was like teaching an aria to a primer student. To the tutor's amazement the boy learned beyond his years, and ever since, he has kept up the study.