INTERESTED THE WOMEN. ~ An Inspection Trip to the Handsome Rooms of the Eastman Sanitarium.

April 21, 1908

An Inspection Trip to the Handsome
Rooms of the Eastman Sanitarium.

A large number of men and women inspected in detail all the various rooms and departments of the new Eastman sanitarium for women, which was opened yesterday at 1316 Harrison street.

On the first floor is the reception room, furnished in mission style, and adjoining it, the consultation rooms of Dr. B. L. Eastman, with the modern equipment of a specialist in this line Beyond this is the dining room, and in the rear the kitchen and pantry, fitted with special appliances for sanitary hospital cookery.

On the second floor are the patients' rooms, and here the visitors, especially the women, were surprised and delighted. The furnishings of these rooms are an innovation in hospital regime. Prettily decorated walls, elegant brass beds, polished oak floors and meal service of silver and Haviland china at the bedside, give the luxury of the finest home, rather than the plainness usual in hospitals.

The operating room is all in white, and with its polished nickel, plate glass and porcelain equipment, shows the most scientific developments in surgical appliances and instruments.

The third floor, used for nurses' rooms, is comfortable, airy, and pleasant.

On the whole, the impression given by the new institution was very favorable. While it is not large, the new Eastman Sanitarium for Women is complete, modern to the minute, and affords comforts and luxuries for its women patients not to be had elsewhere in the West.

Limiting its patients to women, and excluding all contagious, infections and maternity cases, this sanitarium is in a class by itself, and is well worthy a visit from every woman in Kansas City.