FLOOR WALKER KISSED HER. ~ C. Kennedy Is Fined $50 on Complaint of Miss May Irwin.

May 9, 1908

C. Kennedy Is Fined $50 on Com-
plaint of Miss May Irwin.

C. Kennedy, a floor walker in a 10-cent store near Eleventh and Main streets, was fined $50 in police court yesterday on a charge of disturbing the peace of Miss May Irwin, a clerk in the store. The fine was paid by the manager of the store. Miss Irwin lives in Kansas City, Kas.

A week ago, the young woman testified, she was sent to the hosiery department in the basement. It was dark down there and she turned on the lights. Miss Irwin alleged that Kennedy then appeared on the scene and grabbed her, hugging and kissing her against her protest. Last Wednesday Miss Irwin was discharged and she ascribed a reason for it. Previous to that she said she feared to make a complaint against Kennedy as she wished to hold her job. After she was discharged she filed complaint with the city attorney and Kennedy was arrested.

Kennedy admitted most of the charges the girl made, but said that she had given him cause to make advances by flirting with him. This Miss Irwin denied.

"I have worked in many stores in Kansas City," said Miss Irwin, "and in every one I have been insulted in some manner by a head man. I also could name lots of other girls who have received the same treatment. Why don't they complain? That's easily explained. They are all poor girls and have to work, and such a complaint would not only lose them one job, but might black ball them at other places."