TWO WOMEN DOCTORS. ~ Homeopaths Hold Graduation Exercises at Shubert.

May 9, 1908

Homeopaths Hold Graduation Exer-
cises at Shubert.

Friends of Hannemann Medical college and of the graduating class filled the Shubert theater yesterday afternoon and witnessed the confering of M. Ds. upon thirteen young men and two women.

Dr. Frank Elliott, dean of the college, presided. Rev. Samuel Garvin delivered the address. The invocation was spoken by Rev. D. S. Stephens. Hiner's Third Regiment band played several selections. The fifteen who received diplomas from the hand of Dr. Charles, Ott, president of the college, are:

W. P. Abell, O. P. Bourbon, C. Brashear, L. R. Chapman, H. B. Clark, Mrs. M. H. Farnsworth, O. R. Gregg, C. B. Magee, E. A. Montague, J. R. Newton, P. A. Petitt, John L. Reid, S. H. Snow, E. H. Zellinger and Leo J. O'Shaughnessy.