ITS GREAT TO BE FAMOUS. ~ Joseph Yanner Says Friends Are Killing Him With Kindness.

May 1, 2008

Joseph Yanner Says Friends Are Kill-
ing Him With Kindness.

Joseph Yanner, the Kansas City boy who is with the "Strongheart" company at the Grand theater this week, is a busy person. To hear him tell it, one would think that he scarcely had time to eat. "Never in my life have I found it so hard to keep engagements as I am finding it this week," said he; "it is almost impossible for me to get around to the theater on time. Between automobile rides and chumming with all of my old friends it is always just a few minutes before the curtain goes up when I am able to get into my dressing room.

"Yesterday my family took me to one of the theaters in town to see Robert Mantell. I was immensely enjoying the play when a party of my friends burst in upon us and carried me off for an automobile ride over the boulevartds. That's just the way I have been going all week; keeping only parts of engagements and then having to make a sprint for the theater. It is all very enjoyable, though it does seem rather nerve-racking."

Mr. Yanner will stay with the "Strongheart" production until the end of this season. He will then come houme to Kansas City and spend the summer with his parents. He has made no arrangements for his next season's work as yet, but expects to do so before he returns home.

Kansas City has been Mr. Yanner's home for twenty years, having been reared here. He attended the Christian Brothers' Catholic school at Twelfth and Broadway.