CUTTING OUT NAUGHTY CARDS. ~ Postoffice Authorities Refuse to Handle and Deliver Drivel.

June 5, 1908

Postoffice Authorities Refuse to Han-
dle and Deliver Drivel.

Renewed instructions have come from Washington to stop the custom of sending objectionable postal cards through the mail. Last week Postmaster J. H. Harris refused to forward a big batch of advertising cards which had on them the picture of a little girl only partly dressed. A protest was made that the picture was of a very young child and that it could not be regarded in any way be regarded as suggestive. Yesterday the postmaster was upheld by Washington.

"The department is simply protecting those who cannot otherwise get protection," said Postmaster Harris. "In this instance it was a genuine mistake of judgment, but nine times out of ten some cheap individual will blow himself to the tune of a nickel to send a smart card to a businessman in hopes that the girls in his office will see it. He is not brave enough to send the card to her direct. We are appealed to time and again to stop it. So this office is stopping it. Our sorters do not see all the picture cards that go in, but they nail every one that has a smart Alec look about it. The postoffice never was created for drivel, and frivolous postal cards are drivel."