MANUAL PUPILS ARRESTED. ~ Removed Junior Class Flag, Substituted Their Own, Greased Pole.

June 8, 1908

Removed Junior Class Flag, Substi-
tuted Their Own, Greased Pole.

Full of that brand of enthusiasm called "class spirit," Loy Schrader, 1216 Admiral boulevard, and Paul Dodd, 3512 Kenwood avenue, and two other boys, all members of the senior class, Manual Training high school, at midnight last night took down the junior class flag that had been placed on the flagpole yesterday, and leaving their own, greased the pole as they climbed down.

The senior and junior classes put their flags on the Manual pole yesterday afternoon. These boys wanted only the senior flag on the pole. The two unknowns guarded the pole at the bottom while Dodd and Schrader, barefooted, climbed the pole.

The night watchman at Manual discovered the boys and turned in a riot call at Number 6 police station. When Policemen Frank Hoover and Charles Snend arrived the two boys at the foot of the pole had disappeared and the others had just come down and were on the run.

The policemen chased the boys. Finding that they were getting away, Hoover drew his revolver and fired at the barefooted fugitives. Dodd was caught by Hoover at Fifteenth street and Virginia avenue, and Schrader surrendered to Snead two blocks further on. The boys gave bond and will be charged with disturbing the peace. Dodd is prominent in his class, being a leader in athletics, debate and literary work.