PUSHKAREFF'S WILL IS FILED. ~ Russian Houseboat Dweller Left Personal Property Worth $2,500.

July 14, 1908

Russian Houseboat Dweller Left Per-
sonal Property Worth $2,500.

Application for letters of administration of the estate of Nicholas Pushkareff, the Russian caviar dealer who recently died in a houseboat on the Missouri river, were filed yesterday in the probate court. Dr. M. W. Pickard is named as the administrator, and Mrs. Titiana Pushkareff, the wife of the deceased Russian, is named as the sole heir to the estate. Bond was furnished by Dr. Pickard in the sum of $3,000. The estate left by Pushkareff consists of personal property valued at $2,500.

At the time of his death it was thought that Pushkareff was a rich man, but subsequent events have proved otherwise. He came to Kansas City about one year ago, and always seemed plentifully supplied with money, although he lived in the houseboat for the greater part of the time, and his wants were few. Dr. Pickard was Pushkareff's closest friend in America. In Russia Pushkareff was prominent. He had traveled extensively, was well read and intended making America his permanent home.