ARE SAID TO BE "GAY CATS." ~ Gibbons Brothers, Now in Workhouse, Alleged Safeblowers.

July 31, 1908

Gibbons Brothers, Now in Work-
house, Alleged Safeblowers.

After hearing the evidence against Albert Gibbons, alias King, and Thomas Gibbons, alias Wilson, in police court Monday, Judge Harry G. Kyle fined the two men $500 on a charge of vagrancy. The fine was made heavy in order to hold the men until Detectives James Raftery and M. J. Halvey could trace them in other cities. Yesterday a letter was received from the chief of police at Birmingham, Ala., saying the men had "cracked a safe" in that city two years ago, but that they were not now wanted.

The men are brothers and were born in Louisville, Ky. They have two brothers who are said to be safeblowers. The men arrested here and sent to the workhouse early in the week are said to be gay cats. Gay cats locate the safes and give their pals a description of its location. They will go into a town and beg from store to store in order to pick out a safe which is to be cracked by their partners. When the safe is blown the gay cats are usually in another city.