"I'LL KILL MYSELF," SAID HE. ~ But James N. Allen's Fellow Workmen Laughed -- He Is Found Dead.

September 14, 1908

But James N. Allen's Fellow Work-
men Laughed -- He Is Found Dead.

For three years James N. Allen had worked as a dishwasher at the Manhattan restaurant. Saturday night he packed up all of his clothes at the restaurant and bid his fellow workers goodby. He informed them that he would commit suicide that night. Believing that Allen was joking, the men suggested various methods of suicide and jested with him until he left the place.

Going to the Henry house, on Walnut street near Fifth, where he roomed, Allen passed through the office, went to his room and locked the door. Then he sat down and wrote a note to his only friend, Sam Grassberger, a cook at the Manhattan restaurant, 420 West Ninth street. The note said: "I am going to end it all by killing myself. God bless you."

Before going to his room, he had purchased a bottle of morphine and the supposition is that he took the contents before going to bed. A maid found his door locked at 10 o'clock yesterday morning and the manager broke it down and found Allen dead.