HAVE THESE TWO MEN DISCOVERED A CURE FOR LOCKJAW? ~ They Apply 110 Volts of Electricity to a Mule With Tetanus and Animal's Jaws Relax.

October 4, 1908

They Apply 110 Volts of Elec-
tricity to a Mule With
Tetanus and Animal's
Jaws Relax.

A cure for lockjaw!

Something which would startle the medical world and bring a wave of relief over humanity if it proves to be true.

Two men in Kansas City, Jeff Burgess and William Nutberg, employes of the Heim Brewing company, believe they have discovered this boon to the human race.

A lowly, humble and obstinate mule was the means of this discovery, if discovery it be, and again that much abused animal has proven its usefulness to ungrateful man.

Recently one of the mules used by the brewing company stepped on a rusty nail, and last Thursday this mule showed signs of the dreaded tetanus.

Burgess, who is stable foreman, conceived the idea of giving the mule an electric shock to relax the muscles.

Veterinary surgery?

Medical knowledge?

Neither had anything to do with the conclusion which resulted in a treatment that relaxed the tightened muscles of the mule's jaw and perfected what is thought to be a cure at least in animal tetanus.

When the shock was applied, that of 110 volts of current, the mule was contorted. A few moments after the men who were working for the animal's life were startled, as well as gratified, to see the mule open his jaws. The beast is now able to eat without difficulty, and if he becomes entirely well, the matter will be taken up by physicians and experiments carried out which will demonstrate either the futility or the success of the treatment thus discovered by two men who have neither the learning of science or surgery.

Who knows? It may be that the men, the mule and the current may add one more important discovery to the long list of the twentieth century.