THINK OUR PARK SYSTEM "UNEXCELLED." ~ Mayors and Aldermen of Other Cities Pleased with Treatment.

October 4, 1908

Mayors and Aldermen of Other
Cities Pleased with

"An unqualified success."

"The finest ever."

"Best time ever had in my life."

"A great city, with great people."

Those were some of the expressions of the visiting municipal officials yesterday evening after a day which was devoted to nothing else but showing the mayors, aldermen, comptrollers, statisticians and other representatives of some of the greatest cities in the country a good time.

First there was an auto ride over seventy miles of the most beautiful boulevards and parkways in the United States. Then there was lunch at the Evanston Golf club.

After this came the visit to the fire department, the exhibition hitch and fire call.

"Why, we've had more fun, instruction and good times in your beautiful city this day than we had in Omaha all the time we were there," was the way Statistician Hugo L. . Grosser of Chicago put it.

"Never was such another city in the country," said Dr. Arthur Evans of Columbus, O. "Why, you've got the finest people, the most able officials, beautiful parks and the most perfect system of boulevards I ever saw."

"Truly, this has been more like a convention in which the delegates were royally entertained than the Omaha affair was."

"Best time I ever had in my life," said Dr. Wm. C. Heintz of Columbus, "and the only thing I regret is that Columbus cannot have the system of boulevards, parks, prosperity and hospitality that is to be found in Kansas City."

"Honest, our friends at home would think we were the greatest potentates of the earth instead of mere city officials from the 'Buckeye' state if they knew how we have been entertained."

"Believe me when I say that you have the great combination here which means municipal success, that of civic beauty and hospitality which surpasses anything I have ever met up with in my whole experience."

"Never saw anything like it in my life," was the way Alderman Rohland of Indianapolis put it. "I thought we had a great city, but we must take off our hats to you in this Western metropolis."

Nearly every delegate paid a tribute to Mayor Thomas T. Crittenden, Jr., for the foresight, energy and enterprise in inviting the convention to Kansas City. It was agreed by everyone, local officials and visitors alike, that today's session was more like a real convention than the entire three days at Omaha.