September 25, 1908


She Became Acquainted With Her
Oriental Lover in Monnett, Mo.
Attended to Wedding De-
tails Herself.

Jung Ling, a pigtail Chinaman, aged 36 years, and Nettie Swiss, a not at all bad looking white girl, who gave her age as 23 years, were married by Justice of the Peace F. O. Miller at the court house at 1 o'clock yesterday afternoon. It is said to be the intention of the couple to make their home in St. Louis.

After the two, walking arm in arm, entered the recorder's office for the purpose of taking out the license, the girl acted as spokesman and made known the object of their visit. "We want to get a marriage license," she said.

The clerk at first was dubious as to their sincerity, but after asking the usual questions and receiving favorable replies, he realized that there was no alternative from granting the license. Before completing the document, however, the clerk, who seemed disinclined to issue the license, said: "If this man can't sign his name this paper cannot be issued."

"Well, he may not be able to write his name in full," said the bride-to-be, who seemingly had thoroughly rehearsed her part,"but he can make his mark just the same as any other person who can't write. Is there anything else?"

There evidently was not, as the license was forthcoming, and after having been turned over and the fee paid by the feminine end of the transaction, they asked that Justice Miller be summoned to perform the ceremony. The justice arrived within a brief period and a few minutes later the couple were man and wife.

Although a wedding in exclusive Chinese circles is an occasion accompanied by a great feast and several days of gayety, nothing of the kind had been prepared for Mr. and Mrs. Ling. The bridegroom's friends here are said to have objected bitterly to the course he was pursuing and refused him even a wedding dinner by the way of showing their displeasure.

When seen at the store of a friend, 127 West Sixth street, yesterday afternoon, the new Mrs. Ling sat on the side of a bunk with a genuine black trousered little Chinese lady. The two evidently had engaged in conversation pertaining to the wedding, but when the visitor made known the object of his call both became silent.

The proprietor of the store, Ling and several other Chinamen there at the time said they were insufficiantly acquainted with the English language to converse intelligently, and, therefore, asked to be excused. Mrs. Ling would say nothing.

Mr. and Mrs. Ling are said to have known each other for several years, both of them for some time lived at Monnett, Mo., and later at Joplin. Ling frequently has occasion to come here and this time he sent for his lady love. She arrived yesterday morning.