ALL ATTRACTIONS OPEN. ~ Everything Now in Fine Running Order at the Hippodrome.

December 20, 1908

Everything Now in Fine Running
Order at the Hippodrome.

Every attraction at the Hippodrome, Twelfth and Charlotte streets, was thrown open to the public last night for the first time since the accident nearly a month ago, when a portion of the roof fell in while workmen were engaged in remodeling the building. At the time of the accident, Kansas City's winter park, as the Hippodrome has sometimes been called, had been running only about one week and its patrons were just beginning to appreciate the attractions offered. The opening last night, when hundreds of people crowded the large building, was but an evidence of what the public think of the entertainment offered.

The Hippodrome offers to Kansas City amusement seekers just about every form of entertainment usually found at the summer parks and has the advantage of having all the various forms under roof and in a building well heated and ventilated. The wild animal show, one of the attractions which has been open from the very first, continues to be one of the principal drawing cards and divides favors with the vaudeville performances and skating rink. The Ferris wheel, crazy house, Japanese balls, shooting gallery and dance hall are also well patronized.

That portion of the roof which was damaged by accident has been repaired in a most substantial manner and has been pronounced perfectly safe by the building inspectors and fire department. The Hippodrome will be open for business every day and night.