CAN SUE OTHER BREWERS. ~ Women Whose Husbands Are Drunkards Have More Latitude.

December 13, 1908

Women Whose Husbands Are Drunk-
ards Have More Latitude.

In a decision handed down by the state supreme court yesterday on the appeal cases of Helen Coats and Carrie Edens, who sued certain breweries and saloonkeepers for damages for making drunkards of their husbands in Kansas City, Kas., the ruling of the local court was reversed. At the time the cases were taken up in the Wyandotte county court, the brewery companies made a settlement with the two women. The attorneys for the women, however, refused to accept this settlement in full for the co-defendants. The local court held that the settlement answered for all and it was upon this ground that the cases were taken to the supreme court. Under the decision of the latter the women still have legal action against the other defendants for more damages.