IT GIVES THE SHOPGIRL PANGS. ~ To See the Yearning of Poor Children for Expensive Toys.

December 15, 1908

To See the Yearning of Poor Chil-
dren for Expensive Toys.

The shop girl seemed preoccupied when she was asked to show her line of dolls. "Tired?" asked the sympathetic purchaser.

"No. I was just thinking. Christmas ain't such a happy time as most people imagine it. Why, I am feeling blue about half the time at Christmas. Kids and toy departments don't bring smiles, not by a good deal.

"Oh, why I thought --"

"Um! Everybody thinks unless they know. Do you see that big engine up there on the top shelf? It costs $15, and every youngster in town wants it the minute his eyes light upon it. That little fellow in the brown coat over there is just crazy about it. His mother has had to bring him in three times already to look at it. And look at her! Why, she couldn't afford to spend even $1 on a toy engine.

" 'Say, mother,' he said, 'take a good look at that there engine, 'cause that's the kind I want Santa Claus to bring me.'

"She nodded.

" 'Now you'll be sure, mother,' he insisted. 'You know that's the kind I asked for last year, and he left me just that little tin thing. I do want an iron engine, mother.'

"And 'mother' looked as though she would give anything in the world to get it for him. But Christmas morning that kid will find a tin engine. I happen to know.

"If that toy isn't sold within the next few day, I'm going to ask the manager to cover it up or hide it. Otherwise I'll die of heartache long before Christmas."