MORE ABOUT THAT METEOR. ~ It Was Visible in Kansas City at 5:31 p. m.

December 22, 1908

It Was Visible in Kansas City at
5:31 p. m.

To The Journal:

I note in your paper this morning reports from various points as to a magnificent meteor or double meteor, seen about 6 o'clock Sunday evening. I and my son saw this meteor, which I think was the finest one I ever saw, from his house at Sixty-second and Swope parkway. The meteor appeared to be almost due west and as usual in such cases, had the appearance of coming down between us and the horizon. Knowing that in all probability was in reality many miles distant and would probably be reported from other points, I immediately looked at the time which I found to be about 5:31 by my watch.

The meteor must have been of large size and intense brilliancy, to be visible at that time under the circumstances, as it was directly between us and the glowing sky above where the sun had just set. Had such a meteor occurred at night, it would undoubtedly have illuminated the whole heavens so brightly that the attention of almost everyone in town would have been called to it.

I am sending this specially because I think that scientists can locate the probable height, size and position of such a meteor by knowing the direction from which it was seen at various points. Very truly, FRANCIS A. WRIGHT, Dec. 21.

RICH HILL, MO., Dec. 21. -- (Special.) A brilliant meteor was seen to descend from the sky a few miles north of Rich Hill at 6 o'clock last evening by several people. It left a streak of blaze in its trail and struck the ground in the Marail Dec Cygnes river bottoms, just the other side of Ovid, two miles north of this city. Parties who were near it say that it bounded along the ground for several rods after it struck.