POLICE CAN'T UNRAVEL THIS. ~ Jupiter Brothers Do Their Tricks at Station, Mystifying All.

December 22, 1908

Jupiter Brothers Do Their Tricks at
Station, Mystifying All.

"You may be able to do that act on the stage, but I don't believe you can get away with it when your audience is gathered close around you," said Joe Steibel, assistant manager of the Orpheum, to the Jupiter brothers after he had seen their cabinet trick Sunday afternoon. Mr. Steibel, like all press agents, is of a suspicious nature.

"We'll do it anywhere on earth," retorted "Bud" Jupiter. And Mr. Steibel took the next car to the police station, where he made arrangements for the brothers to put on their act before the police.

The brothers arrived at police headquarters yesterday morning. They carried a gas pipe frame, an iron chair and a black cloth. The frame was erected, the cloth was thrown over it and the chair was put inside the cabinet.

"Bill" Jupiter sat in the chair and his brother tied him and sewed the sleeves of his shirt to the legs of his trousers. A crowd of policemen examined all the apparatus, searched the men and approved the knots and the sewing.

The curtain hung so the policemen could see the tied man's feet. The curtain was closed, and through a hole in it he stuck his head. Immediately, hands began to appear from holes all over the cabinet. They were evidently Mr. Jupiters hands, but they appeared and reappeared so quickly that it seemed as though there were a dozen.

Then the hands began to hand out flowers, carnations, roses and lillies. A tamborine, bells and a zither were handed in and these were played all at once.

The curtain was drawn back and Mr. Jupiter was found to be securely tied and the threads were not broken.

The Jupiter brothers are from Pond Creek, Ok. They used to do this trick for the benefit of the neighbors and had no idea that their act was of value until an agent for the Orpheum circut discovered them.