PARIS SHOWN IN PICTURES. ~ "Travelogue" of French Capital Interests a Large Audience.

December 5, 1908

"Travelogue" of French Capital In-
terests a Large Audience.

Looking at the beautiful palaces and gardens which abound in the city of Paris, a large audience at Convention hall last night listened for an hour and a half to Wright Kramer deliver a travelogue by Burton Holmes describing the sights of that interesting city. Pictures of the famous halls and buildings were shown, besides street scenes and incidents of Paris life.

In the first part of the lecture the audience heard of the traveler's night behind the scenes as a scene shifter and were then allowed to view samples of the French cartoonists' pictures. A visit was made to the famed Parisian dressmakers where plain men measured and fitted the costly gowns.

Women cab drivers, of whom there are eleven now in Paris, were described, and Mr. Kramer told of how the women succeeded in gaining munificent tips. The students section of Paris, or the Latin quarter, was of interest to many, but the exhibition of aerial navigation with balloons, aeroplanes and flying machines was unique and exceptionally interesting.

During the second part of the lecture Mr. Kramer exhibited pictures of typical street fairs given in Paris. After explaining that most of the moving pictures seen in the 5-cent theaters were manufactured in Paris, he described how the factories utilized the public streets in taking their pictures.

After having a number of famous and historical buildings and statues shown upon the screen, the lecturer spoke of the well-known race courses, and gave scenes of different races that have attracted attention the world over.