SHE WORKED THE SANTA CLAUS. ~ Little Girl Found Mama When She Had Enough Candy.

December 7, 1908

Little Girl Found Mama When She
Had Enough Candy.

A Santa Claus was at the Union depot last night in the person of W. G. Benedict of Joplin. Mr. Benedict arrived at the depot with an hour and a half to spare, and to pass the time away he bought candy for almost every child in the depot. He had a following like the Pied Piper of Hamelin and he almost exhausted the supply of candy at the news stand.

After he had fed all the volunteers, he began looking for more candy-hungry children and, in spite of the protests of mothers who had visions of staying awake all night feeding castor oil to their sons and daughters, he kidnaped several children, bought them candy and returned them to their anxious parents. That is, he returned all but one. After he had delivered a bunch of sticky-fingered little ones, he found that he had one left over. It was a girl about 7 years old. She said she didn't know where her mother was, and didn't care. Her only suggestion was that she might be near the candy stand, so Mr. Benedict and the girl stood watch at the news stand -- Mr. Benedict spending most of his time buying more candy for the clamoring children

Finally the lost child said, "Mama likes candy, too."

"Mama" was bought some candy.

"Let's take it to her," the girl suggested.

So Mr. Benedict, who had been worrying for fear he would have to spend the night hunting a mother for the girl, followed. "Mama" was found sleeping peacefully at the west end of the waiting room.

Mr. Benedict caught his train.