WEALTHY INSANE MAN ESCAPES HIS GUARDIAN. ~ Daniel Curtin, Worth $50,000, Recently Married and Then Disappeared.

December 5, 1908

Daniel Curtin, Worth $50,000, Re-
cently Married and Then

Declared insane by the probate court more than two weeks ago, possessed of an estate valued at $50,000, Daniel Curtin has disappeared from his home at 3719 Main street. With him is his wife and perhaps a young man who has been looking after his needs.

Virgil K. Tuggle, assistant cashier of the New Engalnd National bank, is Curtin's guardian. He was appointed November 17, when Curtin, who was a Union Pacific conductor, was declared insane. Mr. Tuggle reported that $44,000 of the estate was in bonds, mortgages and the like, and that the house at 3719 Main street, also owned by Curtin, was worth $6,000.

What the guardian did not know, however, was that Curtin, who for years had lived in a room which he rented from Mrs. Laura Stuber on Baltimore avenue almost opposite the hotel of the same name, and married Mrs. Stuber about two months ago in Independence. He bought the Main street home about four years ago. Mrs. Stuber took up the duties of housekeeper in the new home. The wife objected strongly when Mr. Tuggle tried to take charge of all the property. Curtin grew worse and worse, so the guardian, who had employed a young doctor to be constantly at Curtin's side, asked the probate court for an order to send the ex-conductor to a private sanitarium in the neighborhood of St. Louis. When officers of the court went to the home on Main street to take Curtin away, they were told that both he and his wife were gone. It was said they had gone to Chicago.

Notice of their flight has been telegraphed to various cities, in the hope that Curtin may be found. Meanwhile steps are to be taken, so the attorney for some of Curtin's relatives says, in an attempt to have the marriage annulled, on the ground the Curtin, at the time of the ceremony, was not in full possession of his mental faculties.

CHICAGO, Dec. 4. -- (Special.) The Chicago police this afternoon received telephone and telegraph requests from Chief of Police Daniel Ahern of Kansas City, asking the arrest of Dan Curtin of Kansas City. The telegram stated that Curtin was insane, and was supposed to be stopping at the Stratford hotel, and the police have been unable to locate them. The detectives learned, however, in a round-about way, that Curtin was supposed to be at the Southern hotel in St. Louis, and the Kansas City chief has been notified to this effect.